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The Bristol Devorset Gasser

Updated 14/09/2012

The Bristol Devon/Dorset Gasser is a joint owned project amongst a number of
Bristol hot rodders.
It is a steel chopped shell done excellently by Merv Barnett with 'glass one peice bonnet and
'glass doors sourced fromn the 'States.
The chassis will be box section rails with a full tube cage. Rear end will be a Chevy 12 bolt with Ford
bearings on ladder bars. Front will be a straight tube on coil overs with hair pins.
Smallblock Chevy and 'Glide will do the work.

(The latest pictures will always be posted at the bottom.)

I have now started on the Devon with the initial mock up and chassis design.
Here it is at ride height with wheels in place.
The chassis design is now done so tube will be cut and welded soon.

The axle casing is now narrowed and all the brackets welded on.

I'll fit the gears later when things start getting cleaner.

The chassis rails all cut here from the drawings, placed on the floor to double check
that my design has no flaws before getting the welder out!!

Looks like all should be well. Time to get it on the jig!

The rails tacked up and on the jig, with two crossmembers in place.

Here's the forward ladder bar mount, as this is a gasser the top two holes won't see much use!

A bit hard to see amongst the piles of bits in the background, here the chassis is off the jig and all
the underside welds are finished. I just have to put some re-renforcements around the butt
welds then its ready for the body to go on to start the rollcage.

Heres the chassis the right way up, all gussets welded and ready for the body.

..... body back on and rear suspension all in place.

All fits really well, I'll get the body mounts done tomorrow then I have to stop for a week or so
to get another job done. Then I'll be getting the rollcage started.

I've now started the cage, the main six points are all tacked in.

Next will be some of the bracing and the tubes needed to get the 8.50 sec Tech passed.

I've now fitted the main hoop to chassis supports in and cut the door bars.
Now waiting for the front suspension parts that need fitting before I can continue.


Almost a year after the last post on here I finally recieved the front suspension admittedly about
a month ago so 10 months later.
So, I have now got the car on all fours with the engine and trans mounted.
Here's some pics:

Front axle mocked up....

Engine motor plates etc..

Engine and trans in position..

On the wheels.

Trans in ready for bulkhead to be made.

Prop loop and all crossmembers welded

Cage all welded and gusseted.

Now waiting for materials for bulkhead and a couple of extra tubes.

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