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24th May 2012

Beavis popped around in the Impala for a couple of little wiring jobs and to give the newly
rebuilt blown smallblock a run.

The engine made 690hp on the dyno but I found seven of the ring lands burnt and pinched
and some scary valvetrain geometry so now all of that is sorted it should be up over 700hp now.
I can't wait to see how this 4000lb cruiser will behave on the dragstrip!


Here are the headers finished on the 100E, it was a bit tricky getting the lengths matched up in such
a small space but I did come to realise that I have learnt a lot since I made the last set
20 years ago!

I had to make space for some future silencers too, so the collectors are a little lower than before
and I also had so alter some of the floor to make room on the drivers side.
This one is entered for the Main Event in Super Street and Super Gas and I'd like to see 150mph
come up on the scoreboard at some point, but maybe that upright windscreen will have
something to say about that!


15th May 2012

The last few months has been quite manic in the workshop and I've not really had time to get
into the flow of updating the website. I have however continued to take photos, so here are some
of the last few cars and work I've had in.............

This 3-window '32 is one of the original low flyer cars, now re-done in the original style but
with completely rebuilt chassis by Jerry Denning at Hotrod Hardware.

It was in for a complete rewire. I just loved the overall look of the car.


An 8" Ford axle narrowed and disc brake conversion destined to live under a Ford Pop I think.

The discs are the tried and trusted Mercedes which are almost a perfect fit over the Ford halfshaft
flange, and up-to-date calipers which are aftermarket but I believe are the same as Golf VR6.


John Parker's daughter Nichole won the Shakespeare County Street ET class in 2011, over the
winter I fitted a Vortec blower which quickly overcame the high mileage bottom end of the
302 engine in the Mustang.

On the right, the tired old motor and on the left is the shiny new crate motor.

Here's the new motor all ready to be installed. It made 390hp on the rolling road so we
should see some elevens from the virtually street legal Mustang when the traction is good.


In quick succession I had this '32 pickup in for a rear axle ratio change and an Eaton Tru Trac,
followed by its garage mate......

..... this '32 roadster which is having this unnamed axle removed in favour of a 9" complete with
Eaton Tru Trac, new gears, and brakes. The removed axle is for sale, measures 55" brake drum
to brake drum and is pretty strong. It may be from a truck, maybe English, as its semi floating
design resembles a Sherpa. Gear ratio is 4.56:1

Here's the roadster crammed into the workshop with the '34 chassis that I've been putting together
over the last few months.

The chassis is just about done and I'm waiting for valve springs to complete the engine.
It's an LT1 with carb conversion backed up with a 4L60E and 8" Ford rear.
I'm not really up with all the street rod jargon so I won't try to list all the parts on it.

I did have my own way when it came to the chassis and I left the K member in place albeit modified
to fit the wide transmission, and also the front and rear crossmembers are original.
I was adamant that an original chassis cannot have any tube crossmembers.

Here's the steel body; I did my own thing on the bulkhead to move it back for engine clearance
only to find it almost exactly resembles the Rodline 3-window plastic version Doh!


Here's the 545 ci (8.9L) Ford that I put together a couple of years ago and recently rebuilt.
It's just been up the EDA for a dyno session and I'm quite pleased that it made 712hp on straight unleaded fuel :-)
I'm making some headers for it now as the originals rusted away.

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