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Dragmaster front engined dragster replica

I'm building this dragster mostly as a home for the 331 Hemi that did time racing in the UK
back in the seventies. (I'll try and find out some more history later).
The chassis is based on the famous Moon Eyes dragster and I'm building it from photos but
at the same time trying to get it to pass up to date tech.

Here's the inspiration.

Here I mocked up the engine and axle to see where the engine will need to sit in relation to
the top chassis rails. The Hemi is a really awkward engine as the exhaust flanges exit at
a sharp downward angle.

Once all the dimensions are sorted the cage comes together quite quickly...

I had the main cage hoops rolled to get the correct looking curves. Everything is tacked here
waiting for a fitting session to check the driver is comfortable.

There will be a few more tubes in the cage area that wren't present in the original Mooneyes car.

I decided to go for 110" wheelbase. The Dragmaster kit was available to order in whatever wheelbase
you wanted. But 110" gave the look I wanted and should be stable enough with the
little Hemi powering it along.


New update: September 2012........

I managed to find an early Ford 9" centre pumpkin on ebay, here I've welded tubes to it.

Here's the casing fitted into the chassis and aligned to the powerglide transmission proir to
final welding.

The Hemi block is finally sat in place with motor plates made up (unfinished) and the original
1970's headers bolted up to check chassis clearance.